Week 08: jQuery


There are a number of JavaScript libraries and frameworks out there that make it much easier for you to program using JavaScript. jQuery is by far the most popular one. Essentially, jQuery is just pre-written functions, objects and other helpful JavaScript code that we can just reference rather than writing everything from scratch. Today we will be going over the basics of jQuery.

Download or link to jQuery here
Learn more about jQuery functions on api.jquery.com
Browser the jQuery plugins for more code here

In Class Assignment

Create another version of your tile matching game using jQuery functions. Try minimizing your code, adding animations, etc.

Put both your pure JavaScript version and your jQuery version in the Dropbox folder. Also post both versions online via your hosting provider and email me the URLs.


Start thinking about your final project idea and write up a creative brief about what you would like to do. I would suggest designing and building a mobile web application using JavaScript/jQuery to build it out. Think about was to use sensors on your phone in interesting ways (i.e. GPS, camera, accelerometer). Also think about other websites where you can use their data (i.e. Facebook user info, instagram images, weather data, etc.). If you have another idea you are excited about that uses JavaScript in an interesting way please feel free to propose that as well (i.e. game, interactive animation, etc.).

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