Week 10: HTML5 API, Scripting APIs and Mobile Web


Today we will be chatting about HTML5 API’s to get data from sensors like GPS, accelerometers, etc. Unfortunately not all browsers and devices allow access to these features, checkout caniuse.com to check to see if what you want to use works for the device/browser you want to use it on. We will also briefly talk about scripting API’s like jQuery UI and Modernizr. And we will be covering how to best optimize your website to work on mobile and tablet devices.

Geolocation – HTTP and HTTPS (Now only works for HTTPS)
Local Storage
Video Input – HTTP and HTTPS (Now only works for HTTPS)
Audio Input- HTTP and HTTPS (Now only works for HTTPS)
Gyroscope / Accelerometer
Virtual Reality
jQuery UI
Mobile Template

In Class Assignment

Experiment with HTML5 APIs and Scripting APIs like jQuery UI.


Finalize you final project idea and design static layouts for your website or mobile web app. Also write out a game plan for how you will be programming it and what (if any) third party API’s, JavaScript frameworks or HTML5 API elements you will be using. Be prepared to present your designs in class next week.